"Biin Birri"

The Farm Today

“Biin Birri”

Moppity Road, Young, NSW 2594, New South Wales.
Approx 4.5 hours drive South West of Sydney.
Owner: Stephen Lambert
Size: 600 Hectares (approx. 1500 acres)
History: Bought by Stephen 10 years ago
Livestock: 100 Angus breeding cattle
Best practises: Allan Savory’s holistic management combined with Pat Coleby’s guidelines for Natural Farming.

The name “Biin Birri” derives from two Wiradjuri words. “Biin” meaning heart and “Birri” being the the Wiraddjuri name for the Eucalyptus tree commonly known as White Box.

Ecological Bio-diversity

Stephen is committed to natural sustainable land and animal management. The Holistic approach that he has followed has resulted in an ecologically sustainable bio-diverse balance thriving on the property.

There are over 70 species of native plants on “Biin Birri “. White box is the dominant tree species. Other trees are Yellow Box, Blakely’s Red gum, Applebox, Longleaf box and Hickory Wattle.

Holistic Practices and Natural Soils

Stephen has followed Pat Coleby’s teaching on developing natural fertile soil in order to produce top quality nutritious meat. Coleby believes that it takes pastures containing at least 65 species of edible plants growing in biologically active mineral rich valid soils to produce healthy, nutritious meat.
Soil health is achieved by some mineral applications and PH rebalancing together with regular paddock rotation following holistic management principles.

Short intense grazing periods in each paddock is followed by a long rest, allowing the pasture to recover to an un-grazed state before re-grazing. Depending on rainfall this recovery phase can be as long as 6 months. These methods ensure 100% ground cover 100% of the time which allows for increasing carbon levels and biological activity.

Stephen Lambert & 1888 Certified

Stephen’s belief in both holistic grazing and Pat Coleby’s practices ensure that he is aligned with the grass fed and finished beliefs that we are committed to at 1888 Certified. 1888 Certification ensures there are no chemicals and no hormones used in the breeding of our animals. All 1888 Certified stock have been treated humanely throughout their lives. Our traceability of product guarantees you peace of mind and a sustainable farming future for our kids.

“The best soils produce the best pastures which produce the best meat”
Stephen Lambert
“Biin Birri”