The Farm Today

810 Brial Road, BOOROWA, New South Wales. Approx 4 hours drive South West of Sydney
Owners: Charlie Arnott and family (Charlie Arnott Natural Grass fed beef)
Size: 2020 Hectares (approx. 5000 acres)
History: 1970
Livestock: around 400 breeding cattle.
Best practises: Organic and Biodynamic principles, plus award winning Generative management practises. Charlie is the second generation of Arnott’s on “Hanaminno”. Charlie took over from his father Michael, in 1997, continuing a proud history of breeding Shorthorn cattle.

Charlie runs with the line that Shorthorn cattle are ‘The Breed that Built Australia’. While we may have a few people that may argue the point on which is the best breed, there is no doubt that they are one of the most versatile and reliable breeds in the country. This makes them the perfect animal to produce consistently high quality beef. They are fantastic mothers, superior producers of milk, with wonderful temperaments, and tremendous meat marbling characteristics.

Charlie’s passion for sustainability and bio dynamics has seen “Hanaminno” evolve into a showpiece of sustainability, highlighting the benefits of holistic practices on the environment.

The Arnott's and Agriculture - 1st Generation

The Arnott family have grown Shorthorn cattle at ‘Hanaminno’, Boorowa, since 1970.

They have been breeding their herd since 1958. Michael Arnott, the great, great grandson of William Arnott, the man who started the Famous Arnott’s Biscuit Company, decided after 8 years in the Homebush biscuit factory in Sydney to break with tradition, and moved to Boorowa after a few years in Southern Queensland.

The 2nd Generation on Hanaminno

Michael’s son, Charlie Arnott, took over the reins in 1997, and has continued the proud Arnott tradition of producing high quality Australian products.

Charlie’s cattle spend all their lives on Hannamino, handled with the greatest of care and respect. They are managed without the use of chemicals, vaccinations or hormones. Charlie is a leading figure in the use of bio dynamic practices in livestock in Australia. He uses organic and Biodynamic principles, and award winning Generative management practises, to manage soils, grasses, trees and animals, ensuring that all aspects of the environment are considered in a holistic fashion, giving due consideration to the intricate relationships and balance that exists between all living things within the boundaries of the property.

Charlie Arnott & 1888 Certified

The practices that Charlie uses to raise his livestock and the belief he has in sustainability make the relationship with 1888 Certified a natural fit. Charlie joined the 1888 Certified Quality assurance program to promote our shared values and to educate the non farming public about the benefits, to everyone, of sustainably and ethically raised grass fed beef.

“We don’t feed any grain to the cattle, so the beef is 100% grass fed, as nature intended, rich in Omega 3’s, and as tender and tasty as you can find. Quite simply our cattle are happy, and as a result, our beef is the healthiest, most nutritious, clean and sustainable beef you could feed your family.”

Charlie Arnott
Charlie Arnott Natural Grass fed Beef