Our first blog...

Our first blog...

15th September, 2017

Open up your nearest lifestyle magazine of the current day and it will undoubtedly tell you how to eat better, live longer and breath easier. Paleo, Vegan, Primal. Just three of the many movements that have sprouted from modern society’s growing interest in the health of the human body. That may not be your cup of kale, but let’s be honest, with more variety than you poke a stick at in today’s supermarket, we all still care about what’s on our plate every night.

If you’re presented with a Toyota or a Mazda car for a day, for most of us the choice isn’t really going to matter is it? The same goes for the decision between Adidas or Nike, both offer the same thing, it really comes down to whether you like the stripes or the swoosh.

However, if each of these choices had a direct influence upon your health, you might think a bit harder. What you drop in your basket or trolley at the butchery or supermarket matters a lot more than you think. In a study by California State University, grass-fed and finished beef was found to contain are higher level of vitamins and omega-3 acids that contribute better to your cardiovascular health than any pair of Nikes could. Furthermore, animals raised entirely on grass have been found to contain almost twice the levels of conjugated linoleic acid, which may have cancer-fighting properties and lower the risk of diabetes and other health problems.

However, the real reason to switch is beyond nutrition. Grass-fed and finished animals aren’t moved from the field to the feedlot in the closing months of its life or given hormones and antibiotics, they live their life as nature intended.

Written by Ed "The Closer" Close

Ed is 1888’s attempt to keep the equal employment critics at bay. Yes , Ed is a Kiwi! Why would we give a kiwi the chance to ruin a perfectly good blog? He’s getting himself an edu…

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