Sadly, we can’t grow everything ourselves. Property size, differing infrastructure requirements for different animals and a belief that we don’t want to be “jack of all trades” means that we need farmers to help us. Finding farms and farmers that are interested is easy. Finding the “RIGHT” farmers is a bit trickier.

1888 Certified meat is grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free. We don’t allow the animals to be fed any animal based feed products throughout their lives. This means it takes longer to get animals up to an acceptable weight. The longer the time on farm the greater the cost to the farmer. The good news for you is that when it’s done right it’s healthier and tastes better!

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  • Farm: “Kyle “ Temora Rd , Young , New South Wales.
  • Approx 4.5 hours drive South West of Sydney .
  • Owners: Charlie & Pip Crichton & their kids Lucinda, Angus & Arabella
  • Size: 1450 Hectares (approx. 3580 acres)
  • History: settled by Charles Crichton in 1888. Kyle has been in the family ever since.
  • Livestock: Charlie & Pip currently run about 1500 breeding ewes (1st cross merino) , 150 Angus cattle and 50 English Large White pigs .
  • Best practises: Low stress stock handling, rotational grazing (the practise of strategically moving stock from from one partitioned grazing area to the next. allowing the original area to regenerate)

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There are different practices in every business even if the end product is similar. The differentiation and implementation of those practises determine the quality and quantity of the produce and ultimately on whether it succeeds or fails. A European car will do the same job as the one made in Asia. The journey and your enjoyment from it is likely to be significantly different. The same holds true in farming.

Our farmers have been refining their techniques over generations and are continuously striving to improve their methods to achieving a better end product. The links between all of them is the belief that natural processes produce healthier and happier animals. 1888 Certification encompasses those beliefs and ensures the integrity of the end product remains consistent across everything we sell.

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