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If butcher’s new anything about vegetables they’d be chef’s .. At least that’s what our butcher’s tell us! So in our efforts to support our local community (and our love of good food) we went looking for Chefs that love meat as much as we do and know a thing or two about what to serve with it.

We are looking for Chefs that not only produce amazing food but they believe in using the best seasonal produce and where possible source it direct from growers or markets.

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Colin Selwood

Hero dish : Aged beef. Colin ages and cooks some of the best beef you will ever eat. He sources it all locally and ages it on site in his custom built ageing room..it’s worth a visit.

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All our Chefs believe in using fresh, seasonal produce. They know many of their suppliers and have been to their farms. They know that it doesn’t matter how great their skills are in the kitchen . If the food isn’t the freshest, highest quality available their customers will vote with their feet! They go to the extra effort to find the best producers and understand the journey the product takes before it reaches them. We have challenged you to question your butcher about the origin of their goods.. why not do the same with your Chef?

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Our Chefs

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Colin Selwood

The Cottage, Scone , NSW

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