1888 Certification

“1888 Certified” is not only the name of the shop. It also refers to the quality assurance guidelines that all 1888 Certified suppliers must follow so that we can guarantee produce quality and livestock treatment.

We want to ensure our customers are educated about the food supply chain. This will help make informed decisions about what you are feeding your families and friends.

We want our customers to know that we stand behind our product and that the 1888 certified brand guarantees that our standards and practises are present in every cut of meat that we sell.

We are not only looking at the next quarterly report. There is over 100 years and 4 generations of expertise in our produce . We want to ensure the next generations are proud of the work and beliefs that have gone before them.


We are all part of a large ecosystem. If we are going to produce top quality healthy produce, our land needs to be maintained to the highest possible standards. “Healthy” farmland is based not only on what is produced today but also on what it will be able to produce for future generations.

Ethical production

All animals should be treated in the most humane possible way. Stress free and healthy animals have been scientifically proven to produce better tasting and healthier meat.


We believe that our animal’s health is crucial to great meat. All our meat is Hormone ,Antibiotic and Animal based feed free. We will supply the highest quality meat available by adopting Australian Meat Industry Standards (MSA, GS1) and let you know what grading you are buying.


1888 Certified customers will get what you pay for. You will have full visibility into the farms, farmers and the supply chain that ends in our butcher. Due to the size of commercial processing in Australia it is highly unlikely that many other retailers can give you guaranteed traceability.

We are passionate about ensuring that you receive the benefits of our suppliers hard work. At 1888 Certified we believe there are less than a handful of commercial suppliers in Australia that can deliver that same guarantee. If you are in any doubt, ask your butcher if he knows the farmer producing the meat and if they’re able to produce National Vendor declarations (NVD) and Property Identification Codes (PIC) ? We can and will.

If that’s not enough come and visit our farmers. We’d love to show you where it all happens.


Our Farmers work hard and are extremely proud of their produce, our structure ensures that the farmers receive the benefits of their labour and that it doesn’t get lost in a corporate middleman that is intent on maximising profits at both the consumer and producer’s expense. We are proudly Australian and are supporting Australian farmers. Can your supermarket guarantee that?


Country in the city. We want to be a window into country life. The rise of mass retail has meant that the link between country and city is fading. We love country life and we want to share it with anyone that is interested in where his or her food comes from. Our farmers will be in store and will be running open days on their properties so that you can come and see where it all happens

(Tip: it’s a lot more interesting than aisle three or the deli section at your supermarket).