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The team at 1888 certified are always on the lookout for new and interesting dishes that are easy to prepare and great to eat. We have the benefit of having some self confessed “food-aholics” in the team who have spent years touring the planet trying as many different cuisines as their stomachs would allow.

Our aim is to find simple to prepare, great tasting dishes that the whole family will love.

Come in and speak to any of them to get fresh ideas and increase your knowledge on the best cuts for every dish. We are whole carcass butchers. That means we have every cut you desire.

see you soon!

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Some Favourites

Braised Lamb Shank

1888 Team

We love it when our customers come back and tell us they have had the best piece…

Chinese Braised Brisket with Ginger

1888 Team

Trying to keep the weather locked outside ? This recipe will not only keep the cold…

Roasted Beef Brisket in beer with Parsnip and Mushrooms

1888 Team

A great hearty roast that we found on the BBC Good food website [](https://www…

Pat Lafrieda's Whole Shank Osso Bucco

1888 Team

This recipe is from Pat LaFrieda's marvelous new book "Meat". The renown LaFrieda…

Lao style Lamb Shanks & sticky rice soup

1888 Team

Try this recipe for something a little different. Slow cooked lamb shanks are…

Hairy Biker's Sausage Casserole

1888 Team

If you are looking for a "one shoe fits all" meal , go no further. It's a great…

Individual Lamb & Guinness Pie

1888 Team

Another recipe that is right up on the list of winter favourites. I'm including it…

Leisl's slow cooked Thai Beef Curry

1888 Team

Years of travelling around the islands and mainland in Thailand have given us not…

Harissa Crusted Rack of Lamb with Vegetables

1888 Team

Easy to make and guaranteed to delight, this recipe for a Spiced Lamb Rack Roast…

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