Avalon & Bella Beef Pastoral Co

“Avalon” 3931 Old Narrandera Rd , Wagga Wagga NSW 2650.
40 kms west of Wagga. On the Murrumbidgee river.
Approx 5 hr drive south west from Sydney.

Owners: Cameron Wood (Bella Beef Co)
Size : 445 Hectares (1100 acres)
Livestock : 130 angus cross cows joined to Minnie Vale Charolais bulls.
Best Practises: Balancing soils to ensure balanced nutrition & clean water supply.

If there is an award for passion and dedication to the beef industry, Cam Wood will be first nominated. Cam is dedicated to ensuring that the cattle he breeds are the best in class. It all starts with the soil. Balanced soils means balanced nutrition. The natural pasture the cattle are raised on are improved with a mix of lucerne, clovers, ryegrass and phalaris (all natural feeds). The cattle are pasture fed for life and thanks to the Murrumbidgee River have an unending supply of fresh, clean water.

Cam is 1888 Certified & PCAS certified (Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System).

This is Bella Beef.

Bella Beef Pastoral Co

7 pre-ceeding generations involved in Australian agricultural meant that Cam Wood has a wealth of experience to tap into. Hard work, foresight & passion has resulted in “Avalon” being one of the best producing properties in the region.

The lure of the Beef Industry

After completing an Ag Science degree at Uni, Cam spent some years in the wool industry. The lure of the cattle industry proved to great and in 1993 he headed North. He ended up on Lawn Hill Station, situated in the Lower Gulf of Carpentaria in far North West Queensland. Lawn Hill comprised of just over 2 million acres (over 8000 square kilometres!) running 40-50 thousand cattle. Workers would camp with their cattle for 5-6 weeks at a time. The camp Cam was on was called Bella Camp and that’s where the idea for Bella Pastoral Co. was born.

Making the move

Cam purchased “Avalon” near Wagga on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. The soil is very fertile & the water is clean. Cam has focused on getting the right balance of nutrients back into the soils and building infrastructure that worked for cattle production.

Today Avalon is a certified grass fed cattle operation. All cattle are bred on pastures only. They are bred from Angus cows and big framed Charolais bulls. The result is an animal that is extremely well suited to top quality beef production. The soils at Avalon are highly fertile and nutrient balanced with natural inputs.

We are What we Eat

“Cattle were designed to graze on grass, it’s in their nature. If they were designed naturally to consume grain they would have had beaks! ”

“I am extremely proud of what I produce and it gives me great pleasure to share it with you. Enjoy”

Cam Wood , Bella Pastoral Co.