"Vale View"

The Farm Today

Location: Dog Trap Road, Yass, NSW 2582, New South Wales.
2.45 hours drive South of Sydney, 15kms from Yass and 40kms from Canberra
Owners: The Hodgkinson family
Size: 1280 Hectares (approx. 3000 acres)
History: Owned by the family since 1850
Livestock: 500 Angus and British breed cattle and 10,000 Merino/Cross Bred sheep
Best practises: Holistic approach to animal husbandry and biodiversity. Regenerative management practises encompassing our water, soils, grasses, trees and animals.

The property name is derived from the view of the vale, which comes from the beautifully undulating valleys of our location. The Yass Valley region is well known for its quality livestock production and has some of the most productive agricultural lands in Australia.

Vale View's Origin

The farm was settled by the family in 1850. Vale View has always operated as a grazing enterprise that is passionate about their beef, wool and sheep production previously winning “Fleece of the World” and partnering with Nikke to produce a line of “Vale View” suits.

Six Generations and counting

Vale View now has its sixth generation of custodians, Allison and Landon. The family work alongside their father, Frank, to manage a sustainable and eco friendly grazing property that produce 100% grass fed cattle and lamb.

The Hodgkinsons are very passionate about their farm’s biological health. They focus heavily on pasture management and sustainable biodiversity. They are continuously working on quality pasture management and suitable vegetation regeneration. The farm has a number of fresh water creeks, eucalyptus woodlands along with a diverse mix of perennial grasses, lucerne and oats.

15 years ago the family started a partnership with Greening Australian to plant 15 kms of native woodlands. They have continued to work on regeneration planting a further 2kms of woodland in 2014 and another 1.5 kms is planned for 2016. The tree lines have enhanced the soil structure and wildlife habitation while providing ideal shelter for the livestock.

Landon Hodgkinson & 1888 Certified

[Your text to link here…Landon, his family and 1888 Certified share the same values in regard to producing quality, traceable produce that you are happy to feed your family. There are three Nutritionists in the family and Landon is a Director of Chemcert so we are surrounded by people that passionate about food quality.

Raising their stock in a natural, known and chemical free environment is core to theirs and 1888 Certified’s values. The resulting beef is high quality with a natural succulent flavour. The Family is a natural fit and great partner with 1888 Certified.