"Windermere "


“Windermere“, Murringo Flats Road , Young , New South Wales.
Approx 4.5 hours drive South West of Sydney .

Owners: Sam & Claire Johnson & their kids Sid, Annabelle & Molly
Size: 1500 Hectares (approx. 3700 acres)
History: Bought by Sam’s grandfather in the 1920’s
Livestock: Sam, Claire & Family currently run Angus cattle and heritage breed pigs.
Best practises: Allan Savory’s holistic management

The Johnson’s are passionate about land management, regenerative agriculture, local employment and producing excellent food. Their belief is that wildlife conservation and species diversity can coexist with the production of healthy food.

The 1st Generation on "Windermere"

Sam’s Grandfather, Cecil, bought “Windermere” in the early 1920’s running sheep and a cattle stud on the property till the 1950’s when Sam’s dad ,Jim, took over.

The 2nd & 3rd Generations

Jim continued running sheep and cattle on “Windermere” till Sam and Claire took over in the early 2000’s.

It was in the early 2000’s that Boxgum Grazing was born. The marketing business set up by Sam, Claire and their 3 children to sell their produce. The business remains family owned and is passionate about producing the highest quality food and a beautiful productive rural landscape. Sid is working on the farm, while Annabel and Molly are actively involved in the marketing side of Boxgum products.


Sam & Claire produce 100% grass fed beef and genuine free range pastured pork. The management of “Windermere” and the stock on it is based on the pioneering concepts of Holistic Management created by Allan Savory. The techniques used are tremendously powerful in stimulating biological activity, capturing carbon and shifting the grassland towards perennials and away from annual species and weeds. When managed in this manner there is no need to use antibiotics, growth hormones or biocides. The farm supports a diverse mix of perennial grasses and box gum woodlands. The focus is on increasing the biodiversity and biological health of this landscape along with its productive capacity.

As with all 1888 Certified suppliers , traceability is key. All of their animals spend their entire lives on “Windermere” ensuring that the animals are treated in an ethical manner with an absolute commitment to animal welfare.