The farm today

Charlie Crichton is the 4th generation of Crichton’s to call “Kyle” home and make a living on it. Like the generations that preceded him, he is a dedicated and passionate producer who firmly believes that the legacy he has been given should be in better shape (if possible) when he hands it down to the next generation. The properties (Kyle and Hartford) have been nurtured through the good times and bad. The results of their labour and determination can be seen (and tasted) in every animal that is raised on Kyle.

The first generation of Crichton’s on Kyle

Charles Crichton was born in Cumnock, Scotland in 1865. At the tender age of 21, he took a ship from Scotland to Sydney in search of a new life in a new country.

Charles had always been interested in agriculture and after a short stay in Bowral, He headed to Young . He liked what he found west of Young and in 1888 he settled on a block called “Glaisnock” that also had a paddock to the south called “Kyle”, which is where his son Hugh Crichton would later build a house and raise his family.

Charles was a passionate producer of beef and wool on his properties until his passing in 1953. He had a merino stud and was a very active member of the local community, including being president of the Shire for 10 years, member of the pasture protection board, chairman of the P&A association and was a chairman of the Farmers and Settlers association for many years.

The second generation - Hugh Crichton, Charlie’s grandfather

Hugh Crichton was born in 1903 in Young. Hugh started farming with his father (Charles) from a young age and ended up settling and building the homestead at Kyle in the 1930s. Together with his wife, Mable, they lived and worked on Kyle their entire life. They had four children, one girl and three boys. Their youngest was Robert (Charlie’s father) who was born in 1943 at Kyle. Hugh produced cattle, merino sheep for wool and thoroughbred horses, having two starters in the Melbourne Cup. Hugh passed away in 1973 leaving his wife to live on “Kyle” for the rest of her life, until her passing in 1996.

The Third generation - Robert Crichton, Charlie’s father

Robert married Elizabeth Carter from Bethungra in 1965 and bought the property down the road known as Hartford, where they both still live today. They had two children: Jo who now lives at Walgett (lucky girl!), and Charlie, who has lived at Kyle for the past 19 years. Robert has always enjoyed working on the properties and has focused on a good mix of wool, beef & grain production. He introduced Border Leicester rams to the flock to produce crossbred lambs to increase meat production while maintaining wool clip yields.