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"Windermere "

in Murringo , NSW , Australia

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Paddock to Plate

At 1888 Certified “Paddock to plate” is more than a catch phrase, it’s a reality. As growers and retailers we control the quality and quantity of our product from farm to table. This ensures the customer experience exceeds expectations, as a result of years spent striving for excellence.

Honest Raw Certified

At 1888 certified we believe in traceability of product. We do this because we are proud of the meat we produce and know it’s the best quality you can buy. All our meat is clearly labeled to the highest Australian grading standards (MSA 3 or higher). 1888 Certified meat is the healthier choice. We guarantee that there is no hormones, antibiotics or animal feed product used in the production process. Our animals are grass fed (and finished) which means a happier, healthier animal. If meat had a luxury brand it would be 1888 Certified.

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